Is coaching right for you or your business?

What is coaching?

The definition of a coach is an advisor who helps people to make decisions, to understand themselves and their behaviours better, to reach goals or deal with problems. But in reality, coaching is so much more than that.

Coaching develops people by helping them think for themselves, applying their knowledge and experience, developing positively and growing in areas that can be restricted through training. Coaching helps people to learn, rather than teaching them by unlocking their potential.

How does coaching work?

Rather than sending a recruitment consultant on a generic training course, coaching is used to address the individual’s specific needs. Coaching is focused on self- improvement. The consultant is expected to set their own aims/goals and work towards them. Individuals experiencing coaching must be prepared to engage, work hard and move past obstacles and their own fears.

During the session, actions are set and agreed upon to complete for the next session. These actions help the individual to work towards their own goals. This may be challenging at times and the real work happens between the sessions in real life.

Is the cost worth it?

According to the International Coaching Federation 2017 global client survey, the vast majority of companies (86%) say they made their investment back. In fact, almost one in five people (19%) saw an ROI of 50 times their investment.

Of virtually all companies or individuals who hire a coach, a stunning 96% of people who were polled said they were satisfied or very satisfied by the overall experience. 96% of people said they would continue with coaching if it was offered.